Axiom Thermo Furnaces

Bell Type Annealing Furnace

Being one of the chief Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Bell Type Annealing Furnace from Tamil Nadu (India); we cater to the requirements of bearing industries, wire-annealing industries, steel manufacturing industries, etc. Our Bell-Type Annealing Furnaces come loaded with a number of benefits in order to make the job of the operator easy. We are entertaining bulk orders from across the world for our highly-efficient Bell-Type Annealing Furnaces.


Advantages :

  • Low cost operation & Excellent thermal efficiency
  • Automatictemperature control system
  • Multiple Bell,and Multiple base option available
  • Use of Retort can be eliminated
  • Perfect Thermal Sealing
  • Airtightness endow zero scaling of the charges
  • Multiple temperature zone contrOl for better Thermal Mass Insulation
  • Unique DeSignfor better and easy maintenance
  • Temperature Range- 400°C to 11000

Specification :

  • ATF-BF 60 900 X 1250 HT 2000
  • ATF-BF 90 1250 X 1500 HT 3000
  • ATF-BF 150 1500 X 2000 HT 5000